A 2D puzzler featuring ten quick purple levels.

This is a part of a larger idea that I had with more mechanics, story elements, and colors.

Check out the longer updated mobile version here: https://nightworks.itch.io/porple

Please let me know what you think down below!

If the game is too laggy online, there is a downloadable version below.

W, A, S, D and respective directional keys for up, left, down, right.

Mouse 1 to shoot out red portal; Mouse 2 to shoot out blue portal.

Click again to halt launched portal.


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purple-mac.zip 44 MB
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nightworks putting out blockbusters with killer soundtrack yet again!

Only discovered I could shoot both colors a little into it, but then it was pretty easy. Seems like a good puzzle game, I wonder if harder levels or other elements can push players to greater mastery of this portal mechanic.